I want to use one of your fonts, do I need a license and how much is it?

All my fonts are available for purchase here.
If you make profit, you will need a license.
For more info, please visit What license do I need?


I need a design, do you freelance?

Yes, please visit the work with me page.


The letters get cut off at the top/bottom in Word, how do I fix it?

You have to increase the line spacing. If you are going to print the document there is nothing to worry about though, as the letters won’t be cut off in the printed document.
A version entirely without cut off parts can be arranged after purchase of the font.


I need a font in a different format than offered, can you help me?

Yes, begin with purchasing the font here. When the payment is done you will receive a mail with a download link to the font. Reply to that mail asking for the font in the format you need, and I’ll create it for you without charge.


The link in the email does not work; it says “Link Expired”.

This is because the link expires after 100 hours, and does not in any way affect your purchase or ability to use the font. If you need to download the font after more than 100 hours after your purchase, just reply to the mail and I’ll give you a new link.


I think someone is using your work commercially without a license, should I tell you?

Yes, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I will be able to compensate you if you are correct. Be sure to include name, company, contact details or the info you have on the user.